I am Mosope Adebowale, a product designer fascinated by the relationship between human interaction and technology. Much of my work has been dedicated to designing better user experience onto products. My long-term goal is to make technology easy to use and accessible to everyone.

I studied Geology in college but along the way discovered design. My design journey started with graphics design, then transitioned into UI design and, finally UX design. I'm excited by big ideas and Brands that build products that enhance the human experience. I also have a dream of visiting countries in the 7 continents of the world to better understand human culture and society.

During my free time, you can catch me being a rock nerd (Rock music 🤘+ checking out earth science articles💎 ), watching anime, giving relationship advice 💖  on my Instagram page and combining different fashion pieces. I moved from Lagos, Nigeria to Toronto recently so I’ll be exploring the city a lot.

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Mosope Adebowale

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